The ultimate pregnancy guide!

Connect with yourself and your baby in this 5-week guide to natural childbirth offered in an intimate setting. The information presented in this workshop is suitable for pregnant women between 25 – 40 weeks.
Our goal is to create a safe space for you to begin an open dialogue with yourself and your unborn child. You will work on trusting yourself, your body and your baby to carry you through the rest of your pregnancy and into the process of labor and birthing. Learn to surrender to your own individual process and let go of fear.
We will share experiences, provide valuable tips, early-pregnancy yoga poses and then end the class with a deeply relaxing guided meditation.
The class start on Wednesday May 23th and the next 4 weeks.
The hours are from 19h45 till 21h45.
The prices are:
1 lesson = 125 guilders
5 lessons = 575 guilders
If you want to join our class, please reserve your spot as soon as possible by filling out the form below. There is a limit to 6 people per lesson. Lessons will be in English & Dutch.

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