The cutest birthday boy ever! Meet turtle-loving Gregory <3!


Hey guys!

Today I have a real treat for you, the cutest birthday boy ever, Gregory!

Auntie Keshia contacted me to book a smash & splash session for Gregory’s first birthday. I was thrilled to create a beautiful décor for him and I was super happy that when he came into my studio, that he was such a sweetheart with a gorgeous smile on his face. He was a role-model for smash the cake sessions J. Mommy Céline brought a turtle toy, because Gregory is completely in love with his turtles! It was such a great look!

Usually after a smash the cake session, I have a bath session with the kid in my studio, but this time Auntie Keshia  had a small request, she asked whether it would be possible to include Gregory’s real life turtles! I am always up for a challenge so I didn’t have a problem with it. We combined the smash the cake session with a bath session outside in the garden – and during that moment, we had the turtles there. It made such a great experience!

Okay, moving on to what you’ve been waiting for. For your viewing pleasure, pictures of Gregory!

Gregory’s aunt Keshia gave him this cakesmash shoot for his birthday. So we were all super excited to go and experience the shoot. I asked Joke if it was also possible to take picture of Gregory together with his aunt. We also asked if it was possible to bring our (real-life) turtles because that was Gregory’s birthday theme. This was absolutely no problem for Joke! Gregory enjoyed the shoot so much, we kept going and going. After the shoot I felt like a kid waiting for his endexam results because the shoot made me soooo curious. And I must say that I would absolutely give the pictures a 10+!

Celine Gladpootjes

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