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Real estate photography is not just photographing a house, but it is a way of selling a lifestyle and emotion. Real Estate photos need to make  potential buyer / renter excited, warm and safe. The pictures need to create a sense of home, a sense of family.

As the professional real estate photographer for the world famous website, Curacao ExclusiefLaVida Curacao, Okes and the well-known broker Caresto Tophouses, I have seen and photographed a lot of different houses / hotels / restaurants …. Thanks to the various opportunities that I received, I developed my own style of real estate / interior photography, with attention to detail and the correct light in order to capture the unique atmosphere of the different places.

NEW! Did you know that it’s possible to create a complete virtual tour of your house / lease? A 360 degree virtual tour makes the potential buyer / renter experience your house / lease from their home! Are you curious to see an example? Click here!

Are you selling your house / lease or are you opening a new restaurant? Are you looking for beautiful pictures for your marketing? Divi Design would love to be your partner for this project!



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Joke made beautiful photos of Villa Tokara, our small 5-room boutique hotel. Working with her was a pleasure. She responded quickly and professionally and the system she uses for downloading the photos works well. We’re really happy with her work.

Arrien Lekkerkerker


I would love to photograph your real estate projects. Please contact me with all of your questions or to schedule your appointment! I can’t wait to meet you!