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Your kiddos are your world and heaven knows that changes in the blink of an eye. Those precious curls on Sally’s head? They won’t last forever. That adorable face that Max always makes? He may move on to different expressions. Those tiny fingers? That sibling affection? The chubby cherub cheeks and shy grin? If only you could freeze all those little quirks in time… but wait! You can! With a children’s portrait session, of course.

Children’s photography sessions are always a good time. I love bringing out a child’s personality — no matter how young he or she might be.

Typically, one of a parent’s biggest “fears” when it comes to a child session is a.) forcing their child into something they don’t want to do and b.) having a child not participate in the session at all. Let me qualm your fears.

First, my sessions are fun and I’ve got a number of tricks up my sleeve that’ll make sure your kiddo wants to be there. Second, if your child, or children, are having a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day (hey, it happens!) we’ll just reschedule — no cost to you — and make it work at a time that’s convenient for both of us.

In other words: no matter what, we are going to work together to capture your kiddos on camera.

All my children’s sessions include unlimited outfit changes and all your kiddos.



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Recent Sessions

Thank you for your patience! We felt so much at ease. A click of the camera at just the right moments and we have some beautiful pictures of our baby girl! Thank you!

Michella Weverink

For my baby boy’s first birthday I’ve booked a Smash the Cake shoot with Joke. I was really excited, as it was the first photo shoot I’ve ever done. From the moment I got in the studio, the atmosphere was super relaxed and Joke just started shooting. Interacting with my son, to get him to look at the camera and smile. Even after putting him in the bath and him causing a tsunami in her studio, Joke kept on being relaxed and just got an extra towel. For me it is very important to have such understanding and child friendly photographer, as you can all just enjoy. The pictures are just AMAZING! Really capturing all the right moments and such nice quality. I would definitely book another shoot with Joke, and I would recommend you to do so to!

Kristy Senior

This is my first photoshoot with Joke and i am completely blown away by the pictures. The end results were so beautiful that it took me hours to choose my favorites. You are a great photographer i will definitely book another shoot.

Jinene Smeins

This is the first time that I use a professional photographer for a shoot with my son.
I am so grateful for Joke and her professionalism and the way she handled the shoot resulting in lots of beautiful and spontanious moments caught on tape.
The quality that you receive will be evident in the end product and it is amazing.Thank you Joke for our wonderful pictures.

Jerianne Franca

Divi Design is een van de beste photo graaf die er is, elke photo shoot is anders en gewoon hoe simpel alles is vind ik dat super leuk.Je mag gewoon jezelf zijn en de mooiste foto’s zijn degene die spontaan zijn.Joke is zo proffesioneel met alles en je krijgt je photo’s meteen.
Ik zal iedereen aanraden om zeker photo met haar te maken.

Sabrina Esser
Joke is always professional during the shoot. Furthermore she is always on time and the quality delivered is the best. My son feels at home with her and she always get’s the best shot of him. In my opinion Joke is one of the best children’s photographer.
Donna Renardus

Gregory’s aunt Keshia gave him this cakesmash shoot for his birthday. So we were all super excited to go and experience the shoot. I asked Joke if it was also possible to take picture of Gregory together with his aunt. We also asked if it was possible to bring our (real-life) turtles because that was Gregory’s birthday theme. This was absolutely no problem for Joke! Gregory enjoyed the shoot so much, we kept going and going. After the shoot I felt like a kid waiting for his endexam results because the shoot made me soooo curious. And I must say that I would absolutely give the pictures a 10+!

Celine Gladpootjes

I was advised by a friend to let Divi Design take picture of my daughter for her 1st birthday in 2012 and since that day Divi Design is my photoprapher of my daughter for the last 5 years. Thank you Divi Design.

Marlynella Conception


I would love to be your photographer to capture your amazing children. Please contact me with all of your questions or to schedule your appointment! I can’t wait to meet you!