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Hi there! Welcome to my site!

Who am I?

I’d like you to get to know me a bit more …

A few year ago, my husband (Bram, who I’ve met while traveling in India!) and I (Joke) decided to chase our dreams and move to Curacao to start a new adventure. Bram, a sports-teacher, found a job easily. Meanwhile, I could think about what I really wanted to do after graduating and working a few years in the same company as a web designer. That’s when I decided I wanted to realize my own dream; start a small company with a combination of photographyweb design and graphic design. All the things I love! This is how Divi Design was born. Ever since, my passion is my work! What more do you want?

In 2015, I got pregnant and could totally understand how it feels to be insecure about what is going on with your body and how about a future with a baby and an own company? But all these insecurities fell off my shoulders the moment I hold my beautiful baby boy Noah in my arms 9 months later :-). I never thought I could love someone soo much. I literally can’t get enough of playing and laughing around with him, going to the beach and watch him play with all small things. And of course I am busy making photos of him all day long :-).


As long as I can remember, photography has been a part of my life. As a kid I was in thousands of pictures, made by my mother, who’s just as passionate about photography as I am. With my first money I bought a small, cheap digital camera and I walked around in Bruges, Belgium (the city where I grew up) to spot and capture the beautiful places. The years after that, I travelled through different countries and I always tried to capture beautiful and original photos.

After a while, I decided to invest in a SLR camera and started to learn the different possibilities with it. More great holidays came along, and I also got more and more models in front of my camera. While I studied, I decided to write my thesis about “Movement in Photography”.

I was building up experience and it was a logic step to make photography a part of my job.

Here in Curacao, I truly enjoy capturing newborn babiesplaying kidsloving familiesand lovesick couples on the beautiful beaches and other locations in Curacao. Since a year, I own a studio as well, where I welcome mostly newborns and kids for their photos.

Because I am also very much interested in architecture, it was a small step to learn the skills for Real Estate photography. I currently work for Curacao ExclusiefLaVida Curacao and Caresto Real Estate as their Real Estate photographer.

Check out what I have to offer!

Graphic Design & Web Design

Although photography is my main passion, I choose to study “Graphical and Digital Media”. Thanks to my study I have gained much knowledge and experience in the design and development of corporate identities, logos, flyers and of course websites.

The technology doesn’t stand still, and I continually invest time and energy to train with the latest techniques in the field of online marketing, web design and development. These techniques are instantly applied to the websites I manage.

WordPress has no secrets for me, the latest techniques for search engine optimization (SEO) are also known to me and obviously Email Marketing and Social Media are of huge importance nowadays.

Divi Design offers you advice at an affordable rate. Thanks to my creativity and eye for detail, you’re guaranteed a perfect implementation of your wishes.

I look forward to hearing from you and to working with you!

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